> 14 months old

How the state of our house has changed: watch your step!
Snacktime in a big chair
Big boy sitting in a big chair by himself
A memorable day: 5 Mack/Lilly/Richardsons in a bed
Peekaboo with a pro
Exerting his independence every chance he gets
Still "the little one" where his cousins are concerned (here w/ Kate)
Exploring his world
Time with Grandma Linda
Monterey Bay Aquarium magic
Classic Sam @ 14 months: hording all the toys and then running in the opposite direction
Pure joy
cliimbing the stairs, upright with spatula in hand (what a daredevil ;-)
Sam, Emily (his babysitter), and Katie (our neighbor and Sam's buddy)
Sam and Adam
Joyful kid
Beep beep beep
Loves the turtle
Big feet
busy busy busy
Putting out the fire
Parking the car
Exploring the backyard plants
Sam loves the outdoors
found an orange amidst the plants